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I haven't been very active for a while (and won't be any time soon), but I can't seem to find anything big on Prey here. /me smacks GryphonKlaw. :p

As most of you might already know, Prey was resurrected around 2001 by 3DRealms and Human Head Studios. It's running on a modified Doom 3 engine. There was a 12 minute gameplay demo on E3 at the ATi booth, of which 10.5 minutes has been recorded by someone with a cam. The video is somewhat shaky and of low quality.

Download and be impressed. It weighs at around 38 MB. :)

George Broussard said:
Bear in mind that the game is *much* brighter than in that video.
George Broussard said:
Our intent is to release high quality footage of this after E3 at some point.
George Broussard said:
f you can play Doom 3, you can play Prey.
The bar scene in the clip isn't quite final yet, according to George.
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