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Powertoys XP

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Ok I know this is old (they were released about a month ago) but I just spotted them whilst surfing. There's some pretty cool new tools included this time around. eg they have finally added virtual desktop support to the os (although its not as good as stardock's bandvmm), there's a new calculator that can plot graphs as well as the XP version of the infamous TweakUI.

IMHO definately worth a look.
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Their attempt at a VDM is pathetic..

The new calc is interesting, the alt-tab replacement is neat, and the of course, TweakUI is TweakUI :)

Otherwise, I don't really care for the powertoys. They seem kind of 'rushed' to me.
The tweakUI option in them is pretty good.........!

Originally posted by CD
Their attempt at a VDM is pathetic..
Well I was being a little more polite about it ;)

TweakUI is definately the best component. Why they don't just include it by default in the OS is beyond me. Then again it is M$.
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