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potential server problem...

1037 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  sights looks like that new threads can be opened and then sort of "dissapear". This happens if you reach emuforums by typing instead of reaching it through the NGemu site, and then clicking on "message board". This is most likely because after the server move, both "sites" while actually the same, operate as being diffirent...

try this : type then check my thread about winkawaks on the misc console section.
Then click on the link at the bottom of the page. Now, click on "message board" and then again on misc console section...
My thread is a completely diffirent one !! (actually, my newer one)
I suggest moving ALL the NEW threads from the old emuforums site to the new one, so that nothing is lost, and then somehow making the, redirecting to the new emuforums board... (whoa !!! I talk like its easy or something - bah !! I have no knowledge of these things and it shows :D )
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That's because goes to the old server. Any posts there will not show up here.
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