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Posting... and you!

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Maybe we should put this up in the forum rules

PS: I swear I did a search before posting this one, I swear! :p

EDIT:Wrong link
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argh... sorry, I linked the wrong site. It should be ok now
lol.. what makes you think some newb will take the time to watch this? :p
hah, that's hilarious...

it'd be even more hilarious if this was already posted here. Ah, we can't win 'em all.
I wonder can we force someone to watch or hear something like this as part of the signup procedure, maybe disable the "accept" button until the video finishes
Oh man, that was great :D. I agree with Player-X, we should require that for signing up :p.
That reminds me. I have this absolutely hopeless elevator safety animation at home and its so funny. I also have another one called "Don't Copy That Floppy" which is an early attempt to prevent people copying games... where in reality you have more people saying, "you can copy games?!"
hahaha... thats nice... an interactive way to let noobs and newbies know the rules of posting... :D
Maybe we can stop the spammers by also giving a randomly generated quiz about the video as part of the signup procedures as well
Already been posted here and a bunch of people all said the same thing.
FLaRe85 said:
Already been posted here and a bunch of people all said the same thing.
so it was posted here! HA! proto, are you sure you watched thevideo carefully? ;)
If you are refering to Guyver2K5's post, he was refering to an article I posted on mistake, in place of the actual video (the article refered to japanese grammar :p)
been there done that :p

anyways, it's still very important to remember AND FOLLOW these rules :lol:
lmao I've seem it b4, but its still awesome XD
Funny, but old :p
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