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Post your PCSX2 Videos Here!

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Rules and General Guidelines

YouTube videos only please, no rapidshare / megaupload etc.

Please be descriptive in your post, include machine specifications, plugin settings for PCSX2 and how it was recorded (eg; FRAPS, inbuilt recording etc). State the FPS the game runs at when recording and when not recording!

When putting a link to the video you may use [.url.=.] Descriptive Title [./.url] or if you prefer you may use NGemu's inbuilt handling of youtube videos:

If you YouTube video is at YouTube - PCSX2: Kingdom Hearts

Take the k43fKYc6Qos part of your url and put it between [.youtube.] [./.youtube.] BBtags so it looks like (without .'s) [.youtube.]k43fKYc6Qos[./.youtube]. This will cause you video to be 'embedded' into the forum, eg:

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God Of War 2


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Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

Pcsx2 0.9.7 svn r.2809
Latest March 2010 plugin package from Pcsx2 forums

Status: Fully Playable
No issues


Battle for Creation

Battle for the Reason of Freedom

The Path of the Devil (Lucifer's Showdown)

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Saint Seiya - Chapter Sanctuary Pal
Pcsx2 0.9.7
All Latest plugins

Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Pcsx2 0.9.7
All Latest plugins

1 - 4 of 239 Posts
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