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Resident Evil Code Veronica X NTSC U/C

Game Hangs after press start and patch must be Enabled or it will hangs with memory checking ;Great Work from team :thumb:

Thanks for Note Bositman :)

Machine Spec
P4 1.8GB
nVidia GeForce FX5200

PCSX2 Configuration
PCSX2 0.8
VUrec enabled, console Enabled ;Patch Enabled
USA v01.60
GSdx9 [SSE2] 0.6 - Fixed Pipe Line
SPU2null Drive 0.4
PADwinKeyb Driver 0.9
cdvdPeops 1.2
DEV9null driver 0.3
USBnull Driver 0.4
FWnull Driver 0.4

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AbbasJin said:
Resident Evil NTSC U/C (SLUS_201.84)

System Info:
Intel P4 3.0 Ghz HT
512 MB Dual Channel (800 Mhz FSB) Kingston RAM
onboard 96 MB videocard

PCSX2 v0.8.1 > Console True, Simple Recompiler
GSdx9 v0.5 > D3D, PS2.0, HalfVres True
PEOpS SPU2 DSound Driver v1.2
SSSPSX PAD Plugin v1.4
Linuzappz ISO CDVD Driver v0.5
Bios > USA v02.00 (14/06/2004)

Skip the memory card check by enabling patches, else the game'll hang up.
I am not using the latest GSdx9 version as my video card doesn't support Pixel Shaders... Will get a good video card soon.
Enjoy the snaps.

No music/sound emulation.
Missing 3d in places.
wrong texture mapping in places.
A very unexpected error...check out the last snapshot
This is because you used Gsdx 0.6; First Disable VuRecs and use recompiler only (i think VuRecs is bugy ) ; second use Gsdx 0.7 instead ; you will find great results and didn,t notice any texture or polygon bugs in that :thumb: look in shot :


I didn,t post shots of that cause as you can see my Card doesn,t support "Pixel Shader 2.0" or higher
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