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see this thread first if you have not.
[email protected]
and if you not interested then turn around and go away..:lol:[rant]and yeah i know about global warming too . and that 6 hour rainstorm with thunder....[/rant]
and then you need Fahmon too.
1. download fahmon, install, then configure it ( it's self explanatory )
right click on the table > add new client > give the name > and point the location to work folder that contain FAHlog.txt ex :
XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<your_username>\Application Data\[email protected]\

Vista - C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\[email protected]\

and somewhere else if you are playing with configuration. repeat the steps if you have more than one client.

2. press CTRL+P and the set it like this ( all frame more accurate than last 3 frame option )

3. start your folding and post your ppd here using CTRL+B (benchmark) menu or your total ppd.

note: different project have different points so post your project number too.

here the shots & stats

GPU only. And big no-no again for SMP, recent & frequent blackout has corrupt the folding three times this week since i join ngemu

ahhhh btw, this is my 2nd thread. my first thread was about 4.5 year ago ... ( feeling nostalgic )

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Kudos for joining A_en, I have the fear you'll be overtaking me real soon ;)

I'll post a screenie tomorrow. The SMB one is a no go for me too, since I can't get it to work in conjunction with my GPU client without crashing the system every half hour. What hardware are you running on? I get about the same PPD with just my 4870.
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