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Well I'm in final year of Electrical & Elecronics Engineering
this is my 7th sem and the courses are below

Computer Architecture and organization [CAO]:)
Generation & Economics of electric power [GEEP]:)
Computer Networks [CNW]:D
Switch Gear Protection [SGP]:eyemove:
Modern Power Control [MPC]:mad::dead:
Illumination Technology [IT]:)
and lastly
Power Electronics Lab Course:D

If you are not studying anymore then post your daily schedule :dead:

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My daily schedule during the holidays:

1. wake up
2. take a dump
3. get a drink, preferably booze but impossible due to parents
4. get a snack
5. play games
6. go to the marketplace to look for sexy women
7. admire their feminine shapes
8. get kicked out of the marketplace for just looking and not buying stuff
9. have dinner
10. go watch tv
11. sleep

Yeah, thats not a serious list.

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1. Pass exams
1.5. (in case of inevitable failure) fall back on highers that i found out i can use in place of a summer school course (if the course will accept this of course)
2.go to uni next month computing science.
4. BAKE SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. quit spamming.

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going to go to aberdeen, if you are asking me that is.

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College desks aren't that comfortable....I might have some developing neck problems because of that....and the puddles of drool I left behind was certainly a slip hazard :p

It's nice knowing that all you're required to do every day is work.

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Will be done with my bachelors at the end of this coming May.

I have a fairly light load since I am almost done.

Computer Networks
Software Development
Programming Languages
Statistics for Scientists and Engineers

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I still have to finish

Solve Pipe Channel flow problems
Solve drainage issues
Engineering Maths
Scientific principles for solving engineering problems
Produce engineering drawings

should be done by the end of the year.

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College desks aren't that comfortable....I might have some developing neck problems because of that....and the puddles of drool I left behind was certainly a slip hazard :p
Really? The desks (it's actually tables, since they don't have any drawers) in my college were way better than what I have in my current uni. In my uni, we only have half a table per seat. And I had some neck pain problems during and after I wrote my finals a few weeks ago.

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Starting Sept.10...

Wake up, 7:30AM
Classes from 8:30AM to 3:30PM
Work from 4:00PM to 10:30PM
Get home around 11:00PM
Finish some work, grab a snack, go to bed around 12:30AM

Repeat from Monday to Friday.

Work 2:00PM to 10:30PM.

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Political science 101
History 101
Calculus III
Cell Biology 222


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I miss college life, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems with a minor in English back in the fall of 2000. I can't imagine going for a Master's Degree.

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my University is a "cisco academy".

im not sure yet but im thinking its something like this.

1. wires
2. bus, ring, star....
3. safety first.
4. twisted pair wires (the nice sh!....)
5. switch
6. hub
7. more wires.
8. you are a geek, lesson on how to make friends and buy wires from the black market.

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I have all the credits I need for math, science, and english so my schedule is very easy this year.

-Wood Shop
-Metal Shop
-World History III
-Computer Systems (I've taken this class every year.. haha)
-Spanish II
-Study Hall

Yeah, easy. xD
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