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Post "official"- Thanks to the coders/Beta testers of nullDC.....

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I make this post so that we can acknowledge the possibility of having an excellent emulator for Dreamcast: nullDC, if you feel grateful post here¡¡¡¡

Me first:
Thanks for making this great emulator (nullDC), is what has worked best for me my favorite Dreamcast games, I hope they continue releasing new versions in the near future: D. thanks =D.

Salu2 :D
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indeed this is a great emulator and it works well. Thanks for making it. I definitly look forward to seeing how future versions turn out.
I want to thank drk||Raziel because in 2008, after I introduced the topic, he created a video plugin with stereoscopy support thanks to which I now consider nullDC the greatest emulator ever made. If the next version supports stereoscopy, joypads and bleemed games, it will beat its own record.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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