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Trying to get THE most compatible configuration for pcsx2 0.8 / pcsx2SSE-0.8
Post also the name of the game that your using as example of config

PS: thanks for being the only team to create a emulator for PS2
(which is becoming great btw)

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... since there's not to many plugins (also those don't have too many options) you can choose, everything is in early development, every user have different hardware in his PC... does such idea have sense?...

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Devil May Cry 3

pcsx2 0.8 config:
GSDX9 SSE2 0.7(graphics still crappy)
PADWinkeyb 0.9
CDVDbin 0.65
PEOPS SPU2 Dsound 1.2(No sound in game)
others: NULL

PC specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
TwinX Corxairs DDR 512MB Dual Channel(256+256)
6600GT (ForceWare 71.89 or 76.45 or 73.00)
Using ISO

Hopes there will be many plugin developers for pcsx2.....

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There's no such thing as the BEST configuration....its too game-dependant.The most compatible configuration would be gssoft and interpreter but thats the slowest as well...i cant see how you can claim a certain configuration is the best
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