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i have a problem with running an NDS file with No$GBA.
I was trying to run Pokemon White(nostalgia purposes) and i come up with an error i never saw while playing the game 10 years ago.
Here is the error message:

Can anyone help me figure out whats going on? i tried resettuing the cartrige, reinstalling the rom, but nothing worked. The error message itself seems like a legit part of the game, so i know the rom itself is legit.

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Use this codes below! Choose any one!

Version 1 - Got it from some websites

52004EA0 E8BD01F0 
02001800 E92D4008 
02001804 E3A00000 
02001808 E3A0150E 
0200180C E2811A06 
02001810 E5810B44 
02001814 EA5FE9F2 
02001818 E59F4034 
0200181C E59F5034 
02001820 E5845000 
02001824 E59F4020 
02001828 E5945000 
0200182C E59F601C 
02001830 E1550006 
02001834 03A05001 
02001838 05C4500A 
0200183C 03A05000 
02001840 E1445DB4 
02001844 E8BD01F0 
02001848 EA000D95 
0200184C 02180C60 
02001850 28AAFF1F 
02001854 037FBFE0 
02001858 EAA01606 
02004EA0 EAFFF25C 
D0000000 00000000
Version 2 - Available on USRCHEAT.DAT by open it with R4CCE

52004EA0 E8BD01F0
02004EA0 EAFFF25C
E2001800 0000005C
E92D4008 E3A00000
E3A0150E E2811A06
E5810B44 EA5FE9F2
E59F4034 E59F5034
E5845000 E59F4020
E5945000 E59F601C
E1550006 03A05001
05C4500A 03A05000
E1445DB4 E8BD01F0
EA000D95 02180A00
EAA01606 00000000
D0000000 00000000
Work or not, I don't know.... Maybe you should visit GBATemp forum website for any problem.

If never works, so you should using Desmume or MelonDS for playing this games.
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