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pokemon trading

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i want to know how i can trade using vba.i have pokemon emerald.can i trade with pokemon fire red.pls help
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what do u mean?
u wanna trade pokemon emarald -> pokemon fire red?
or u wanna trade a pokemon monster from emarald -> fire red?
well if u wanna trade a pokemon with your friends just go to pokemon center,go to upstairs,and connect with your friend
that if u using a real vba/gba,but if u use emu its cannot be done
I was also wondering about this. I have VBA Link and I can trade just fine between two FireRed games. But it doesn't work when I try to trade from LeafGreen to FireRed, or vice versa. I always get that "Turn power off and on" message with a black screen. Is it not possible to do?
it is, it just requires precise synching.

It doesn't really matter much anyway, as the Firered Native save an be loaded in Leaf green :)
Oh thanks! I'll just try loading it in FireRed then.

By precise synching, what exactly do you mean?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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