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Pokemon stadium transfer pack not working

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Hey guys im some trouble getting my Transfer Pack to work on my Pokemon Stadium Rom I have everything needed to run it, I have the n-rage plugin and everything but for some reason Pokemon Yellow wont work with it but Pokemon Blue works fine but i have all my good Pokemon on yellow. It keeps saying "Save File Not Found" but the sav file is there so if you can help me it will be greatly appreciated.
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OMG THANKS SO MUCH IT WORKS the only thing is it crashes sometimes but i can live with tht thank you so much
any controller plugin crashes should be reported.
I have the same issue but it's not fixing it for me.
im still having the same problem.. i have downloaded this plugin, set the controllers right.. it still displays id:???????? save file not found... this is really stressing me out..

project64 1.6

i tried this plug ins still same error occurs:

D:\Pokemon - Yellow Version (UE) [C][!].gbc
D:\Pokemon - Yellow Version (UE) [C][BF].sav

why are the battery and rom named differently?
It works now, but now it freezes when I try to register Pokemon. In Stadium 2, I didn't have any of these problems. Why am I having them in Stadium?

EDIT: Well, I managed to register them for Gym Leader Castle and three out of the four leagues. Can't do it for Prime Cup though. No idea what is up with that though.
not a problem i've seen.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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