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Pokemon Saving Problem

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I have Had this Problem for a Long time. But Since Pokemon Platinum Came Out i Wanted to try the New installment,
I Have Save the Game and It Restarted to Back to the Beginning
Settings for Save:512k Flash
Theirs No Pokemon Platinum.sav (i have Looked)

Plz Help me with this Problem
P.s I Will Post my Settings if Asked
And the Version is 2.6
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Your game probably crashed before the save-file was written. My guess is Microphone Wave in error; am I right?
In this case you have 3 options, best done each time you save:
1) Close and reopen the emulator.
2) Reload the game (from File->Cartridge Menu; reset is not enough)
3) Use the Save Battery File option of No$Zoomer (while the Extras menu will be useless for 2.6, the zooming feature and this one should work)
Also, please don't start almost every word with a capital letter; it doesn't make you unique And It's Just Effin' Annoying To Read.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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