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I've just started playing pokemon platinum using no$gba emulator 2.6.
It's a really nice emu and the game works perfectly, until it crashes...
I've gotten 2 types of errors, first i got "Microphone wave in failure" and I think I fixed this by setting compabililty with windows 98. Never got this error again but now I get "Memory messed up" instead. These errors occur randomly and I have no idea what I should do.
Any tip I can get would be great, also I might have wrong settings? please if u have had this problem before and fixed it, tell me what u did.
Or if u never have had this problem tell me your settings! :)

help very much appreciated!
thx all

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Memory messed up is an error that is often associated with the sound option being turned on and off. Only solution as of now is to keep not deactivate sound.
Other than that, both errors are oft-reported but, as you said, random. Only help I can offer you is to save and restart the game often (for the sav file to be written); to not lose too much progress.

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No$Zoomer can prevent the mic crashes by patching it to disabled.

Windows 98 had ****house memory management.....
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