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Pokemon help needed

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My neice and nephew have recently started playing on my computer, so I've let them play on the GBA emulator. All the games work fine apart from the pokemon games, I've tried 4 different games on 3 different emulators and not a single one will play, I get either a white or black screen and nothing else.
Anyone have any ideas how I can get one of them to work?
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i need help and i will give you help

I need Help off you, can you help me?
I have a visualboy advance emulator but i want pokemon sapphire but i dont know where to get it. Do you know any good websites to get it from or any other pokemon games. please (don't) reply to, *this stupid e-mail*
I also no a good web site for the visualboy advance it is *who cares*
read the rules!!!!
dont ask for roms in this forum.
I'm not aware of any of those sorts of problems with VisualBoy Advance - make sure you've got one of the more recent versions.
i dont now where to find the games. i need some websites
Danny123 It ILIGAL to ASK ABOUT(where to get them) ROMS or Games IN THIS FORUM(only talk about emulators)
READ the rules!

Buddyslack- The pokemon games on GBA usually had certain protections built in. You need to either find a patch for your games, or find a pre-patched version of them. Sometimes the problem can be corrected simply by changing your save settings, see this thread:
Also see these threads:

...and always remember that the search link is your friend:
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