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Ok, so I've looked through everything and I don't think the answer to my problem is anywhere in the forums. I've noted the problem about changing the save type to 128k. I've done that for both instances of VBA-link. Both instances are running (the same copy of) FireRed (right now I'm just trying to get all three starters on one save state, and I figured I'd do it the "legit" way).

I'm at the pokemon center, and trading/linking is available to both instances of the game I have running. However, only one instance is actually able to link. The other one still gets the "Please exchange the battery" error, even though the save type is on 128k. I even tried changing it back to 64k, and still nothing.

Can anyone help me out here? Can I not trade with the same copy/file?

EDIT: Ok, I just did the stuff with vba-over.ini. I've gotten the first instance to "native save" properly (using save type 64k, automatic), but the second instance still won't "native save" at all. Could it be because I'm using a save state from before I used the vba-over.ini file?
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