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Pokemon Emerald.

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when ever i start it up,it just shows a blank screen.
pls help.
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Wait, I found how to fix it.
If you are using VBA (like I am) you have to:

1. Open the game. (Even if it still has a white screen)
2. Make sure it's running. Now, go to Options: Emulator: Save type: and choose 128K.
3. From the file menu, choose reset.
It worked on mine, anyways.
Yep, that fixed it for me, too. Thanks, RedAssassin! You're our hero ;)
even though its probably pointless to say now since you could use that method, but there is another way to fix that problem.just use the included .ips fix thats was included in the Trashman release. Just make sure that the .ips is the same name as the rom and in the same folder and make sure you have "Options>Emulator>Automatic IPS patching" checked.Also, to save time and trouble, consider making a vba-over.ini file in the same directory as the VBA, so you wont have to keep changing individual settings for games that need to be set up like one of the SMA games, pokemon games and some DBZ games. has the ultimate vba-over.ini file

I advise everyone to get it

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "VBA ini file." link to download it

(note to moderators, everything is legal on the site)
The Shadow- Look at the other pokemon threads before posting. This problem occurs with all of the pokemon GBA games, and the solution is always the same. It's always either "change your save settings" or "find a patch" (whichever you prefer).

FYI: If you played the jap version (translated or not), you can import your old battery file into the english one. (Gameshark saves don't work, but snapshots do.)
thanx jeffkongz,

i was also looking for a really good vba-over file on google but didnt find one.
I'm having trouble with the patch that jeffkongz left its just 2 notepads.I try to use the game to load my data but it tells me the save file is corrupt. can someone please help me
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