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Pokemon Emerald - save has been erased??

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I have visualboyadvance 1.7.2, and pokemon emerald works fine and the saving in game works fine, but... after i have beaten elite four and the credit is done, the game just restarts, and it says that the save has been erased for some reason, and then my only option is new game. but it was the same in firered, so now i saved at file>save before i went to the league. so i really need help! if someone knows how i can continue the game after beaten elite four, plz tell me!!
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i also have that problem please if you get an answer please tell. :(
maybe it's cheats or problem with the save of the rom :rolleyes:
Search the forum for pokemon, this problem has been raised and answered more times than I can count. You need to change your save settings to make it save properly, the countless other threads on this subject go into detail about how to do that.
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