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Currently I'm at Eterna City, cleared the Team Galactic Building, got my second badge, got my bicycle, got the Explorer Kit, but when I try to go down to the Cycling Road iDeaS crashes on me.

It'd be pretty lame if I played up to there and can't continue on unless I use a cheat or something. I can't back track because there's a guy that tells me that I should go to Cycling Road. I can't go right because I don't have strength to push the rocks in Mt. Coronet. I can't follow the game's story line because it crashes on me.

Anyone know what I can do to fix it so it doesn't crash?


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I must agree with NHervé. I think it's better to tell us about your computer specs (Start Menu->Execute->"dxdiag").

Anyway, I would recommend disabling shaders, Software Lights, Fog and Sync SwapBuffers. There are chances that the Cycle Road requires a certain config to be seeable (which is why the Fog option should be off).
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