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Tired of playing Pokemon Diamond only to not be able to reload your save later? Tired of people across the internet telling you that you must have done something wrong? So was I. After reading through months of posts across the web I noticed that there is an overwhelming number of people having the same problem. Though I can't offer solutions, I may be able to help you determine if your problem is the same as mine. If nothing else it might help you feel validated.

First, in your Slot folder, is the rom named lgc-pkmd.nds? If so then you got the same copy as me, and probably from the same source, *cough* zizar0 *cough*. Because of the ToS I won't link to any site or tell you how to find the rom, of course. Not that you would want it anyway.

Next follow the the instructions found a few threads down about transferring your existing save to Pokesav. As has been stated the important thing is to make sure NDS Cartridge Backup Media is set to Flash 512kb. (Though I've been running succesfully at Flash 256kb with Pearl.) Now you've done this and your game still won't load a save, and is only showing a black screen? All is not lost, the save file is still recognized by Pokesav and so is theoretically still valid.

Lastly, find another copy of the Rom, back-up your save, and try your save out there. Let me know if that works or if it gives you another error stating that the save file was deleted due to corruption.
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