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Pocetstation Emulator, Please!

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Pocketstation Emulator, Please!

This request does not stem from a desire to play FFVIII's Chocobo World. I already did that on the PC, although I'd like to be able to play it with my Playstation version. It comes from a desire to play other games, like Legend of Mana's ring RING Land. I have also searched your forums, and have come to the conclusion that, although one does exist, it is not very good, and does not work with ePSXe. So, this is a request for a Pocketstation emulator, so that we poor perfectionists can finally achieve 100% in these fine games. I greatly admire the work people have done to bring us Playstation emulation on the computer, and I hope someone can take up this little project to give us a better and more complete gaming experience.
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Try here:

One problem is that the PocketStation was produced in very small amounts and supported various PSX games only in JAP. When it extended his reach throughout the NTSC version, only three games were supported: FF8, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and the last, (I forgot....)
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