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My setup guild

Before doing this uninstall drivers for your onboard avg video and also disable it, then restart PC...

Boot PC and into bios

BIOS setting are for PNY geforce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI

Press F2 on start-up, may vary for over systems

Advanced chipset features -
System BIOS cacheable - Enabled
Video BIOS cacheable – Enabled

Integrated peripherals
Init display first – PCI slot

Power management setup
Resume on PME – Disabled

Save and turn off pc

Next unplug your AVG and plug it into your PCI card output AVG, Start-up your pc and you should see your display from your PCI card

Install drivers for your PCI video card and reset your PC, then if you see a second monitor appear disable it! then restart again!

It may come in handy to someone oneday!, Even with over types of PCI Cards!. "not express"
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