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hi guys- its me again! i have my ffx running absolutely fantastically but now im at the next hurdle and its a bit high for me!

the reason i made an iso from my disk is so that i could give it a run thru with gamebreaker codes, thought it would be fun! so i had a look at a guide and did what i thought looked right- turns out, it isnt. every time i try and load the game it fails. it is a very long patch with lots of gamebreaker codes. The only thing i can think is that when it gives 4 different options for a code i only needed to pick one? if this is the case- easily fixed.

here is what i did -
found PAL gamebreaker codes
put them in cb2crypt
copied the converted codes into a notepad, named for the CRC that it took to run the game called 'A39517AB.pnach.' that was then put into the patch folder and the game dies.

here is a short section i wrote, from the top- everything below is pretty much the same. (i would like to say if it looks completely stupid, i have absoloutley no know how of how this is done)

heres hoping you can save the day again!

Gametitle=Final Fantasy X [SCES_504.90] (Uk)

comment=master code
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