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Plz Help!!!!

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Hey all, I have just loaded and started working with ePSXe and I have now finished solving most of my installation probs. I now have something that I have no clue how to deal with: with FF7. The game loads find and everythings looks and sounds great, but as soon as I reach the first battle with the two gaurds the game freezes. This happens with my ISO and my disc through ROM, any help is appriciated, ty.
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dutchMasta said:
If it is to do with settings and you got a good enough card, use OpenGL2.
For OGL2, a minimum requiremant would be at least a ATI 9500 or nVidia FX series for shaders. Other than that...use Pete's OGL 1.75.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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