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frst of all hi guys ma name is mohamed call me mody....;)
i have this proplem with dolphin see wen i try emulate it with the lastest version(3404) like wen i emulate ssbm(super smash bros. melee)
wen ther is like 2nd pics like ahh(menu,char select,stage select)it runs almost full speed (like 50-56fps)but wen ther is 3d pics or vids (even in sonic riders"i know i know that ther is a pc version but i wanted to try dolphin"it runs slow)
it runs hella slow(10-15fps) i use these options:
frst i enable daul core and almost every thing on top of genral+i RC(right click)on the game choose properties and enable daul core (not make it green square but green ahh right thing just nvm)and i enable idle skipping and tlb hack and optimze quantizers
and i choose opengl as ma gfx res:640*400
auto scale and render to main win
and dump textures
and i disable all sounds
note1:the reason i dont use dx9 cuz wen i do it gives like white screen then i skip frst vid(wich is shown AD WHITE SCREEN)then i go to start menu it shows me white screen with some wierd gray colors

anyhow wen i use older version i use like the same optins but dx9 acctually work on them i use these optins in it
render to main win
res lowest
dump textures
it runs ahh lets say it speeds up then in a sec it slows down then in like 5 secs it speeds up again and it goes on like this
and som times i open cheat engine and i use speed hack make it 0.1(idk if this works but it shows the fps like 100+ but it isnt :lol: XD)
soo i was asking plz help me make it faster
1 last question:does Wii games run faster on dolphin??(for thos specs ofcourse)
ma specs:
ATI Readeon HD 2400 Pro
Intel(R) Celeron(R) D Cpu 3.06GHz
1024RAM (acctually its 1 GB RAM but the guy how got me ma pc said that win xp "*32" will acctually descrease ma RAM T.T)
DirectX 9.0c

note2:eek:h btw after i play for a while the game starts freezing and comin bak to normal then it crashes and gets me dont sen error report and send error report 2 plz help me bout that 2 T.T

plz help me

note3 and final i hope:sry for bad english i am arabic :)

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yes for more speed you must change your processor for a Dual core and for your RAM I
recommend least 2 Go

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lol just up to 2-FPS sorry ^^
I send you a PM with an old version of dolphin it run more fast than the last version on SSBM for me try it and tell me :D
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