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plz a good configuration for FF9

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Hi i need your help with epsxe and FF9, my pc is a P3 900 mhz, 128 RAM, Riva TNT 2 64 32 MB, cd rom Samsung 52X and CDRW Philips.
Well my question is this: I need a nice configuration with the emu because when i play the game it has good speed, but the problem are battles: they are pretty FAST!!! and the only conf i get are too fast or too slow.
The plugins i use are:
Pete's OpenGl driver 1.50
ePSXe SPU core 1.4.0
ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.4.0

Plz help me, my FF9 version is the original Pal Spanish version
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Have you tried limiting the FPS in your GPU?
which should be the limit??? if i limit it both speeds will be the same right?
thx 4 answering
I'm pretty sure that the FPS for PAL is supposed to be 50. And yes, setting this will effect both battles and the game.
Thx a lot i'll try and see...
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