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plugins to use with ePSXe and FF7

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any suggestions on which plugins to use? i have almost all of them.....
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dude.....just mess around with em....

i did.....and i got mine working alright...

my specs for my comp
p3 500mhz
creat 3d blaster savage4
crea snd blaster live

my could try mine if you want...
Kazzuya Software Driver 1.6
Eternal SPU Plugin 1.10

um.....for my ext SPU plugin...i downloaded the newest one.... from and copy and pasted it and replaced my old one...and yet it stills appears like that....showing 1.10 is that right???
also....i didn't bother puttin in my cd plugin...since i just run as an iso:p
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Kazzuya's GPU is pretty fast for software rendering, but you may also want to try Pete's D3D or OpenGL GPU if your card is from ATI or Nvidia.
External 1.1 SPU is considered the best overall SPU at the moment.

finally try pete's CDR 1.7 for the cd-rom plug-in if you want to run games from cd.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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