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Plugins and XP

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A lot of the cd plugins and others don't work in XP. when can we expect an update? what plugins actually do work in XP? i can get epsxe working better in 98SE then in XP because some of my favorite plugins dont work with XP. what should i do? thanks!
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and remember to disable the epsxe 1.4 CDDA option, if you want to use
an external cdr plugin with nt/2k/xp
If you use this, you won't need to make any
changes to the configuration you were using in Win98SE. Everything should
work just as it did.
wrong... aspi or no aspi, you have to disable the cdda option in nt/2k/xp, otherwise the epsxe CDDA funcs will 'fight' against the external cdr plugins, and that's usually causing incredible long loading times.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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