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Hello Everyone. These are my systems specs. Please help me out by recommending some plugins and settings to use to get decent speend in EPSXE.

AMD K6-3 450
224 MB PC-100
ATI All In One Wonder Pro 32MB AGP 1x/2x/4x
Windows Me/2k Dual Boot
Toshiba DVD-Rom 1202
Creative Sound Blaster 16 PCI
Direct X 8.0a

Note EPSXE runs better in Win2k thank on WinME.

If any one has a similar configuration please post your setup and what kind of results you guys get. Thank you in advance.


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Originally posted by Asz
his specs aren't that bad.... look at mine...., hey try my ePSXe settings.... they work at a full 60fps even on my peice of crap...
I not sure about K6-2
K6-2 CPU have bad FPU............
Wait a min.............I thought he using K6-2
He using K6-3....................
Try to nice setting if it work no problem :)

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no spu plugin is the best choice:
1. The game runs faster!
2. If you have radio card your computer turn it doesn't consume almost any resources! and you have some music..and you what hour is it without having to exit the emu... sometimes i get carryed away...or put a audio cd in the other cd rom drive.
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