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I was cleaning up my computer the other day and deleting folders I don't use anymore. I meant to delete the one above the epsxe but deleted the emulator folder instead. When I downloaded the install files again and got the plugins I discovered that I can no longer choose plugins from the config menu. It won't see any GPU plugins and it only sees the generic sound and cdrom controllers that came with it. I have moved the plugins from folder to folder and it still doesn't work. Any ideas on how to make the program see all the available plugins?

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Make sure your directory structure is like this:-


You need the BIOSes in BIOS. You need the plugins in PLUGINS. You need to create some memcards. The other directories can be empty.

If you have this plugin
make sure you have these files
in the main \ePSXe\ directory, not the PLUGINS directory.

And don't forget
in the main \ePSXe\ directory, as well.

Think that is about it.
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