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Plugin Problem

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I have downloaded one of each of the plugins i would need for my 1964 emu yet since this is my first time using a n64 emu i have no idea what to do. Can anyone help me? Im rather lost when it comes to this emulator ^^;;
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Okay, I can't tell you exactly which is the best combination as there really isn't one. Firstly, grab the latest version of 1964.

-Either use Jabo's DirectX6 1.5.1, Rice's Video Plugin v6.0.0 or Glide64 0.7 ME SP8 as your main video plugin (recommended - Glide64 0.7 ME SP8, use either with glide wrapper that comes with plugin, or get amazing wrapper from ; next best is Rice's Video Plugin v6.0.0)

-Use either Jabo's DirectSound 1.5 or Azimers HLE Audio 0.55.1 Alpha plugin for sound (Use Azimers HLE Audio 0.55.1 plugin).

-The best pad plugin to use is N-Rages Direct-Input8V2 1.83 plugin.

Test those and see how it goes.

r2rX :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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