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    // Sets configuration for GSdx9.dll
    // Sets configuration for CDVDbin.dll
    // Sets configuration for PADwinKeyb.dll
"Graphics: Gsdx9 0.6"
"Controller: PADwinKeyb Driver 0.8"
"Cdvdrom: CDVDbin Driver 0.67"

Ok, I know that these plugins store their configuration on the regedit thing, but how can I edit them? I mean, how can I find the keys? I am asking this since I couldn't find their source...

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erm actually they don't anymore, or to be more truthful some do some don't.:p

Originally they were located @ [hkcu\software\Ps2Eplugin] however in 0.7 the pcsx2 authors moved their plugins over to using ini files (stored in the inis directory off the pcsx2 one).

However other plugins (eg gsdx9) still use the registry keys.

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Ooh ok sorry about that. I didn't understand what you were wanting. Just copy and paste in a Text editor and name it as a ".reg" file.

Hope it helps
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