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Plugin Configuration. Help/Advice needed.

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I'm a little new to the emulation scene but I know quite a bit on the epsxe, enough to get me playing at least. I tried playing Spyro the Dragon today and it looked so much better that the console, much much better. And it runs so smoothly too.

I tried to set the SPU and GPU plugins so that i'd get the best possible quality, both in terms of visual quality and sound, regardless if it's even detectable by the human senses:dead:. But there are some options which I don't understand and chose at random.

I need someone to look at the attached images of the configurations and recommend any changes I should make and what would they effect. As for the sound plugin I chose Pete's, is there something better than it?

Lastly I did not bother downloading a PAD plugin since I can use my pad just fine using the default nor did I download a CD plugin since I much prefer extracting the ISO/CUE files directly to my hard drive.

Thanks and appreciate any help.:D
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system specs? which settings were you not familiar with?
you should change the render mode to 2 if you are using internal res levels that high. you can also use some of the texture filtering settings to clean up the overall look of a game but i only suggest using them with fully 3d games. some 2d games or games with 2d backgrounds (like the FF series) do not work well with certain texture filtering settings, the same goes for the 2xsai.

generally a 2-3-1 comp. setup is recommended, although it might need to be modified depending on the games you are playing. you do not need the screensaver and GF4/XP settings enabled. i cant tell what you have enabled in the game fixes menu but you only need to use them with certain games anyway, so leave that setting off as well.

for the SPU plugin, i suggest using eternal for versions 1.5.2/1.6.0 and the SPU core for 1.7.0. if you are using 1.5.2/1.6.0, make sure you have the top 3 (out of 4) boxes ticked off in the SPU selection menu, otherwise you could end up with missing sound or music in certain areas of a game.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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