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NGE: The Game Working title: Owaranai Yume (The Endless Dream)

Thorgal, Samor, Fawad, fivefeet8

Primary PCs:

Razor - Soldier (Gun toting Warrior)/ Guns

Beta - Hacker (Black Mage)/ Knife

Kane - Sensai (Warrior)/ Katana

Secondary PCs:

Strider - Khali (Mage-slayer), Sword

Killjoy - Warrior/ Mini-gun

Shiori - White mage/ hair brace

sxAmiga - Paladin (Warrior/White mage)/ Ax


dixon: Bowel disruptor….

Evil Squall: Kane’s ‘old friend’ and student. Nicks a stone and uses it as he is jealous of Kane’s skill and power. Kidnaps his gf.

Kaiser: Main badguy

Chaosblade: (The Chaosblade/Kaos): malevolent force behind said bad guy.

Dark Aurora: Minor NPC/ Boss. Dark Aurora steals the stone of Speed from the party so that Kaiser can perform the summoning. He returns as a Boss in Kaiser’s fortress.


Bobbi: Swordsman of light. A legacy left behind… I expect maybe a couple of flashbacks….. in this game at least ;)

Magic System

There are 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Classic, as expected. There is also the higher magic’s, Dark and Solar and the ruling magic, Celestial

Main characters:

Lord Kane (Kane): Boss/ Optional Boss/ Secret PC

In the past, Kane ran a martial arts dojo in his home town with his wife. One day however, Kane’s town was destroyed. Kane was left a bloody mess on the floor, and his wife was kidnapped by a student, jealous of Kane's power and who sought to make his g/f his own. Kane went on a quest to increase his strength my any means in order to find and exact his revenge on that man.

Upon his quest, Kane came across Kaiser. Kaiser saw in Kane great ability and power, and asked him to join him on his (Kaiser’s) quest for the stones of Elerethon, a source of great power. Kane joins him to gain this power for his revenge.

Kane meets the heroes around the middle of the game.

Upon finding a stone of Elerethon, Kane betrays Kaiser, and defeats the heroes easily with the stones’ power.

Later on, it switches to Kane as a player character as he finds his ‘old friend’ now running a bandit group. He goes through the base to find him. Dialog, dialog, fight. Kane wins and executes him.

Kane finds his wife in a cell, battered and bruised, but alive. Kane moves with her to a small village near the coast.

Later on the heroes can find him there on the beach, and can choose to fight him. Defeating him gains them the Elerethon of speed, which if equipped as an accessory drastically improves your speed.

Defeating him a second time allows him to join the party.

Boss form.

First Form (after Kaiser’s defeat):

Weapon: Fists

Techniques: Hundred fists: Rapid physical attack

Fist of the Dragon: Powerful fire attack

Blade of Ages: Sword created from pure speed of the fist. Takes all characters down to 1 health

Second form

Weapon: Fists

Techniques: Thousand Fists: Upgraded version of the 1000 fist due to the stone of speed. Attacks all characters.

Fist of the Stars: Powerful Celestial magic attack.

Counter: Will automatically counter any physical attacks with great force.

Blade of Ages: Powerful slicing attack on all characters.

Final form (Optional battle)

Weapon: Kanemitsu (Katana)

Techniques: Counter: Counters all magical or physical attacks.

Mizuchi: Blade made of the water in the air. (Water elemental)

Battou Jutsu: Rapid drawing of sword. 1/3 chance of instant kill, otherwise does normal damage.

Lightning blade: Lightning attack on all characters

Phoenix fire: Devastating fire on all characters.

Player Character

Weapons: Katanas.

Magic style: Counters and Chi techniques. Predominantly physical, and celestial.

Kaiser Sigma: Main enemy

Kaiser had a normal childhood, and was never inherently evil. He did have a desire to rule the world from childhood, and this became the problem.

Kaiser researched many ways to achieve his goal, and discovered legends of many rare items of great power, such as the Chaosblade, a demonic sword with great powers, and the stones of Elerethon, which greatly enhance human attributes.

With his prowess with the sword already great at the young age of 11, Kaiser’s quest for the Chaosblade was wholly successful. However, this was the start of the problem. The Chaosblade was no normal magical sword.

Two centuries ago, A man who called himself Kaos rose to power in some section of the world. He was a brutal ruler and many died under his regime, and his people began to rise up against him. Kaos refused to let them kill him, so he tried to use the stone of Elerethon, the source of much of his power, to call catastrophe upon the world. His plan was thwarted by the hero of light, Bobbi, who used the power of an enchanted sword to defeat Kaos. Kaos was sealed in Bobbi’s sword, and Bobbi split the Elerethon into four pieces and scattered it in the hope that a disaster may be avoided. His sword was then locked in a shrine, its location all but forgotten, and its legacy was simply its name: The Chaosblade.

Upon taking the sword, Kaiser’s mind started to become corrupted. Thoughts that were not his own appeared in his head, and he had less and less control over himself. Within a month, he was all but a puppet to Kaos’ power.

Kaos then began to fashion an empire. The Sigma clan began to extend its power, but Kaos truly sought the power of the stones of Elerethon, to bring about the catastrophe that he failed in two hundred years ago. He sent his minions to collect the Stone of Knowledge whose location he had been able to ascertain. The location happened to be Razor’s village. They destroyed it utterly, and thus started Razor’s quest for revenge. With this stone in his possession, Kaiser divined the location of the next stone, the Stone of Power.

This stone was nearly stolen by one of his ‘followers’, Killjoy, who Kaiser promptly defeats, and faces the heroes briefly, easily defeating them.

The third stone is the stone of Speed, and in this case, Kaiser sends Kane, but decides to go with him to be sure. Kaiser is defeated by Kane, who then takes the Stone of Speed, and runs off on his own quest.

Kaiser in the meantime escapes and sets about finding the last stone, the Stone of Gods. Once again, he beats the heroes to it, and returns to his fortress in order to begin the ceremony to call down death upon the world.

When the heroes face him, the stones have taken on monstrous forms. There are 4 optional battles here. Each one reduces the power of Kaiser in the ‘final battle’. Upon Kaiser’s defeat, Kaos’ voice speaks to them, perhaps now explaining some of the story. The Sword then shoots tentacles from itself and wrap and pierce Kaiser. Kaiser is now Kaos, and thus the true final battle begins.

Killjoy: Boss/ Minor PC

Killjoy is a vampire, and insomuch a great rarity, as Vampires were all but destroyed by the vampire hunter Ryos a hundred years ago.

He heard the Sigma gang was seeking the stones of Elerethon and sought to use that power for his ends. He is not an evil character, he seeks the stone of Knowledge in the hope that it may help him restore his human form.

He meets the heroes after obtaining the Stone of Power, and is defeated by them, but escapes with the stone. The heroes later run into him as Kaiser has just beaten him. Kaiser attacks them, and Killjoy helps them. Kaiser defeats the tea, but they escape with help from Strider. After the battle, Killjoy and Strider explain their history.

Weapon: Mini-gun.

Magic style: Blood techniques. Predominantly dark based

Strider: PC

Strider is a member of a secret organization of witch/heretic hunters. They seek those that use magic not meant to be used. Magic that can change the face of the entire world. This is the order of Khali. The Khali fight with blades encrusted with a jewel that can weaken magical fields, and can absorb magic to a degree.

Strider meets the crew when Kaiser is just about to kill them. Strider uses his power to teleport the group away. An explanation is then given of his order, and that he was sent to destroy Kaiser as the Elerethon stones are a magic not of this world, which can too easily be used to destroy it.

Weapon: Broadswords

Magic style: Sealing techniques. Magic absorption.

well, i want him to be secretive about his past, but an all round ok person

the name strider is just an alias which he uses because telling someone your name in the khali order is supposed to be forbidden

i also wanted to make the khali be something pretty complex, like they made solaris in xenogears

wanted to make like 3 orders between workers, hunters, and elders

the oracle would be the leader of the whole order, and i had a backstory about strider becoming an apprentice of the oracle, with many of the elders being angry about this because he was too young...

i planned to make the story about him leaving the khali because the elders wanted him to prove his devotion by sending him on a 3 year exile quest

if i remember right i wanted to name the quest "the path of kal'harra" or something like that with a ritualistic name... dont remember where i got that name from though

and kal'harra was supposed to be like the founder of the khali

i didnt actually care about involving them in the game, just mentioning for background

after all, it is supposed to be a secretive group


Beta: PC. Beta is a hacker. In this world, he can use his console to hack into the very fabric of existence, allowing him powers similar to that of magicians

He meets Razor early on in the tale and is one of the 4 most important PCs. I will develop the story further after a chat with him, and after I have developed the game plot much futher. I see him as a character intimately entwined in the story, perhaps an old army friend of Razor's……

Player Class: Human / Hacker

Weapons: Knives. (Predominantly magic user)

Magic Style: Hack - any element


Story WIP. The world Razor perceives is all but a dream. He touched one of the stones of Elerethon. When he did, the power of the stone attacked his mind, and put him into a coma in the “real” world. The player will not know this till far into the game. All the aspects of the game are taking place inside Razor’s head and are part of his ‘Endless Dream’, hence the title. Razor is the pivot for the story, but not the main character. My idea is that the story will switch between a couple of different characters at various times: myself, Beta and Razor for starters, and probably one other. I wanted to do this originally, but was a little worried that RPG-Maker couldn’t handle it well. The main target of Razor is to collect the stones and defeat the man who destroyed his village. Pretty simple, but meh.

The main target of Kane is to avenge his wife. Thus for a time you will be playing him as a ‘bad guy’. There are a couple of encounters with the party during these occasions, but I haven’t yet worked out the dynamic of this. Of course later, he can be an addition to the final party if the player so desires, but after the episode of vengeance and the return of the stone, his part in the plot is all but finished.

Beta I haven’t yet thought too much about. I was thinking maybe that he meets up near the beginning with Razor, but when Razor’s party is a little bigger, he leaves on his own quest. That will obviously come later.

Most of the crux of the story is covered now in Kaiser’s Bio and this little bit, but there needs to be a lot of editing done yet

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why are "Thorgal, Samor, Fawad, fivefeet8"
at the top of this post with no additional comments? ;)

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It's notes for me. It's tellimg me that I still have to find decent roles for them. It's proving quite difficult to find something appropriate.
Although Ramsus helped me to get an idea for fivefeet8: maybe Kaiser's old teacher. Joins the troupe briefly during the game.
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