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Please recommend a good USB HDrive

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my "wgt634u wireless storage router" just arrived. its usb filesharing capability (ps3 preparation !!! ) is the reason why i bought this router but i have yet to buy an external hdd for it >__<. im wondering if anyone can give me a good recommendation as to what external harddrive i should buy for it or whether i should buy the harddrive and enclosure separately (in which case please tell me which ones i should get).

Thanks ^^
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tbh i'd recremmend buying a decent sata drive, instead then buy a seperate usb caddy for it, as it works out cheaper per mb space :D

also gives u the option of upgrading it in the future, and sellign the old drive off, or putting it into your own pc etc

samsungs spinpoint is a nice SATA-II drive, fairly damn fast, with the added bonus of being extremely quiete :)

model p120S SP2504C comes in at uk price of 79 quid at the moment,

hard drive caddy, u can pick them up very cheap also, just make sure u get decent cooling with it, or modify the caddy and shove in a cheap fan or so, around 17 quid at the moment
I would have to agree with him, get a USB harddrive adaper but I would recomend Maxtor harddrives, In my experience they are more reliable
Yeah..tinkered around with a Maxtor external 250Giger...not bad
well i got the external thingy done. got the samsung spinpoint since it was cheap and an external adapter sata. now...heres the sad part.

theres no network attached storage server that supports writing to ntfs (i think its cuz their all linux based). so i have to have it as fat32. now the problem is my computer is using windows xp and i cant format it into fat32 if i want partitions bigger than 32 gigs (which i want). is there a freeware out there that WILL allow me to make the whole thing fat32 (apart from using my friend's sister's g4 >__> )
unlucky about cant use ntfs :( try winme bootdisk :)

i think their was a 128gb limit on partition size thou too long ago to remember properly, so u might require 2 partitions...

their was an updated version of fdisk dont have url for it handy at the moment

another option is to use partition majic or simular tool, (try live nix distro, and use that to format, old ver i had allowed fat32 to be created...)
The WindowsXP disk management utility can do that
i already tried the management utility. it doesnt let me >__>

ill try the bootdisks later. can i still use them if im formating a usb drive tho ??
yip u can, do through usb, check

check also

or the latest ver of fdisk will try dig out the url later on the day :)
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