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Due to the amount of repetitive questions which are asked here, I am creating this sticky as a mini FAQ :

1."Where can I download XXXX game, LOL??"

Dont ask for this here. refer to the [rules] rules [/rules] of the board.

2."When will the next version of Dolphin/Dolwin be released?"

Simple: When its ready. No predictions, no theories, no nothing. When the authors feel like releasing it, it will be released. Dont ask such questions please.

3."How do I burn/extract a game from my GC ?"

follow the instructions in this link

4."can a GC disc be read by a PC DVD drive?"

Again No, GC discs cant be read by any PC CD/DVD drives and the GC cd doesnt spin backwards. its simply a mini-DVD which holds up to 1.4 Gb
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