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Please Help!

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I was having a problem last night with directX wasn't fully installed. Then when I restarted my computer I stupidly reloaded my fail-safe defaults on my mobo and now it's not reading my Bios anymore, I think that it's trying to read it from another loacation. Just wondering if there is any way of fixing this at all. I have 2 hours at school right now and am hoping to be able to use my computer when I get home. Please if there is anyone that knows how to fix this or change my computer back to using my C: drive to load my bios. All it does right now is load up a black screen and my cd drives do not operate and nothing will function at all, or for what I have seen. anybody that has any information on this at all please leave a message. Thanks for your help
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1) Messing up Direct X will not mess up your BIOS.

2) If you can't even see your POST test then there are more serious problems.

Can the PC beep?

Does your lights on your PC turn on?
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