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Please Help!

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I was having a problem last night with directX wasn't fully installed. Then when I restarted my computer I stupidly reloaded my fail-safe defaults on my mobo and now it's not reading my Bios anymore, I think that it's trying to read it from another loacation. Just wondering if there is any way of fixing this at all. I have 2 hours at school right now and am hoping to be able to use my computer when I get home. Please if there is anyone that knows how to fix this or change my computer back to using my C: drive to load my bios. All it does right now is load up a black screen and my cd drives do not operate and nothing will function at all, or for what I have seen. anybody that has any information on this at all please leave a message. Thanks for your help
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Do you get any graphics from your onboard video? Though, a botched DirectX installation is hardly likely to cause these symptoms. Hmmm...
Even if you managed to get your boot devices in a muddle, you would still at least see the BIOS POST.
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