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Please Help, Xenogear lock in both ePSX and VGS!

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When I first fight Dues in the ship relic it locks up as Dues is about to
cast a certian spell. I'm not sure what... it happens in both vgs and
ePSX!... has anyone got a solution for this? i don't wanna think I've
wasted 40 hours + on this game and not be able to finish it :(

things are still moving on the screen but nothing happens (i.e. characters are
still bobbing up and down, but nowts happening)

despretly need help! please someone... argggh
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yeah i did it :) just use a save states ;) completed the game now... and
I really have to say it my favourite RPG of all time ... can't beleive I waited
so long to play it!

btw whats the relation between Chrono Cross And XenoGears? are they
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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