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Please Help Needed Asap!!!

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Okey what would you guys think about this PC:
3500+ anthelon 64 2.2 AMD
1 GB RAM (512+512) kingeston
Memorex DVD writer 4x
9700 pro ati radeon
a normal mother board
a case with a good power supply
3 hard diskes a 120 GB 8 buffer 7200 // 80 GB 8 buffer 7200 // and a SATA 74GB 8 buffer 10000
all is for 750$ second hand from a trusted friend with one month warranty.
please tell me what you think about this machine, and is it good for playing ROME total war and world of warcraft??? And I mean playing them comfortably! Thank you
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Seems like a good pc if your freind can be trusted.
Good deal. That should run both WoW and RTW perfectly. Maybe a tad slower with high graphics settings, but in those kinds of games, even 10fps is acceptable IMO
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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