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Please help me

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I'm having a problem running .elf demos (have yet to try a actual ps2 game)
I'm having the same problem as chuckman who posted a thread 2 days ago, i have all "latest" plugins and am using pcsx2 v0.7 and GSdx9 (SSE2) 0.6 as my graphics plugin i have followed the compatibility guide provided by bositman, and have tried 4 different bios.

the problem is that the screen stays black, my cpu usage is 99% and the fps and frames change as if there is something running. i also run the output console in the background and from what i can tell by my limited understanding of command lines it seems to be running fine. i attached a pic of what the last line of the output console shows.

Do you know of anything i can do?

P.S. you guys on the PCSX2 team and others involved rock!
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Make sure you are not trying a demo that requires HOST support,since that was taken out from the 0.7 release
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