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Please help in Tokimeki Memorial 2

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Hi all !

I`m playing Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories 2: Leaping School Festival
the game works fine when come to conversations, choosing menu, etc. but the game freezed when playing / ending the mini games (eg. cooking game). i can`t skip the mini game because its part and eventually the heart of this game.
this game is work fine in my friend playstation ( i dont have a ps)
i`m using the latest cvgs and its patch (the latest patch is to support PE2 isn`t it ?)

can you give advice whats wrong ? the cd i`m using is a backup cd (cdr), i try all the way, try using another cd-rom, copying the game into another cd (cd-rw), using the daemon tools.
And the problem is same all time. are cvgs doesn`t support this game yet ? it`s strange because i`m used to playing Tokimeki memorial 2 without any problem, and i think the Substories have same gameplay with its predecessor (except Substories 1 : Dancing Summe Vacation that using the Dance2 Revolution style)

The game doesnt work either in ePSXe.
please help me. i love this game so much ^__^

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...and i DO love this game as much as you do, probably even more than you do. :p

anyway, TM2: Leaping School Festival WORKS in VGS 1.4.1 with games.txt. Although i used the original disc, though, and NOT a CD-R copy. I suggest you borrow your friend's original CD, or play your copy using a modchipped PSOne. You probably have one by now I guess. :)

....just in case Mr. KZ-01's still around, y'know :)'re my kinda guy, Enigma. :)
well, there _are_ other dating sims that are quite similar to TM, and they are in english, but they have a different twist in the end, you get to, um, "interact" with them. :p i hope you get what i mean, since im not allowed to go into more detail about it here. :p

aside from those "events" in the end, those game and TM are pretty much the same. :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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