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please help - black screen with epsxe, trying to play ffix

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Hi. A friend of mine recently bought FFIX, and wants to get it to work on his PC since it apparently looks better. Ive tried setting up epsxe and followed the instructions, including seeting up the GPU , CDR and SPU plugins. He managed to find the correct bios as well (PAL) , and if i click Run BIOS, then it shows then playstation menu and plays the usual sound. But if i click RUN CD using the original CD, it only shows a black screen. I also tried ripping the 1st CD to ISO using daemon tools, and tried using RUN ISO, and also tried mounting the ISO to the first drive letter and using RUN CD - but it still just shows a black screen. I don't get it. Please help.

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That explains it perfectly..

1. Pal versions of FF9 has a copy protection that makes it unplayable in epsxe. Which is why both you and your friend can't run the game. No matter what you do with it, it won't work without being patched.

2. You have to patch an iso of a FF9 disk which will remove the copy protection thereby making it playable with epsxe. You can then either run the iso or burn the patched iso back onto a cd recordable and use that cd..

3. Do a search at for "psx patches".. Easy to find.. Be sure to read all the docs and get the patching program too..
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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