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Please HeeLp With vgs

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i have a problem with the vgs
when i star the vgs apear a blue screen
that say error in vxd_linz576(01)
if anybody can tellme how to fix this problem or what is this problem that hapen in all mi vgs versions(1.4 and 1.41)
pd.sorry for my broken english jeje
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i know exactly whats your problem if u tell me did u installed any nero burning rom software ?
if so .. tell me and i'll let u know the solutions ..
i experience that too :D
ok then ..
i dont actually know whats your problem but i can tell u this ..
what i did with the nero problem was removing :


and store it in the nero directory. but nero is unuseable. when ever i want to use nero only i copy it back to the directory. try remembering what u have installed 3 days ago and remove ir from the iosubsys directory. if u cant .. try removing one by one and see which files cause vgs not to run. remember to restart after removing the files.

hope this helps .. chow
yo Mathias !!!
:eek: dont DELETE i repeat DONT DELETE :mad: all the files in iosubsys .. you'll ruined your computer.
what i meant was moving one by one the files in io subsys until u get VGS to run back to normal
meaning after u remove the first file in iosubsys

move the files to somwhere else then restart ...
only remove 1 file at a time then restart
if VGS doesnt work .. that means not the file problem .. so go to the 2nd file and move it somewhere else and restart ...
do the same until VGS works again and you'll know which file coz the problem

removeing or moving all the files in iosubsys causing computer to die !!! worst if u delete .. at least if u move can do SAFE MODE

chow ...
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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