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Please HeeLp With vgs

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i have a problem with the vgs
when i star the vgs apear a blue screen
that say error in vxd_linz576(01)
if anybody can tellme how to fix this problem or what is this problem that hapen in all mi vgs versions(1.4 and 1.41)
pd.sorry for my broken english jeje
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Never Delete any files inside your Windows Folder, unless you know what program made the file(s) and that the source of the problem.

Blue Screen known as BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) - the General Knowledge when this BSOD appear is when:
- Processor is overheated (low end processors/old AMD K62 cant stand the heat when it calculates game emulators)
- VGA card is overheated (same as above)
- Run Out of Memory (usually from BIG memory eaters, Adobe Photoshop 6, 3DMAX Studios, 3DMARK 2001, etc)

that points above are the MOST common thing that can cause BSOD. well, except for viruses (who knows what lurks on your System?)

other ERRORS dnt cause BSOD, they only made small windows that says 'Illegal Operation ... the application ... contact your vendor...etc'
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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