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Please HeeLp With vgs

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i have a problem with the vgs
when i star the vgs apear a blue screen
that say error in vxd_linz576(01)
if anybody can tellme how to fix this problem or what is this problem that hapen in all mi vgs versions(1.4 and 1.41)
pd.sorry for my broken english jeje
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i DOnt Have the nero in my pc.
what can be the cause of this problem?
or a solution
thats new because this problem started 3 days back and i don´t know
what to do...and before the vgs run perfect but now well
have problems with vxd_linz
pd sorry for my english because i speak spanish
Tnks xaix for the info....
i gonna try to delete all the files in the iosubsys folder...
but i have a question.....
if i delete any file of the iosubsys folder..... this is not gonna mess up my pc rigth=?
if i delete all or some of the files in the iosubsys what happen with my pc?
for the help
i Know that(don´t delete any file in the windows folder)
but the problem can be one of the points that 404 says
mi pc is a
compaq presario. amd k6 /450 megaherts
about 5 days ago i expanded the ram of mi pc
from 64 megabytes to mmm i adeed 128 in ram, now i think i have
182mb or something like that
and then start all this problem
and i remember when i see the sistem info i saw
that my amd k6 is runing at 576mghz o something like that
and i don´overcloack my procesor or something like that
but i gonna try to move files and rebott like xaix says
but other solutions?
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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