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Please do not use or trust builds from

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This site is not run by anyone from the VBA-M team, or any of the other VBA forks.

It rehosts already compiled builds from our legitimate repo onto a github account that has effectively put our continued work at risk by also hosting GBA roms.

While in theory we could say that any build signed by Rafiel is safe to use, sha1 is no longer counted as being untamperable so we can only provide that guarantee so long as the build is obtained from the visualboyadvance-m github and website.
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they save the files in:

allegedly with source code. or

it doesn't open for me right now and so I don't have access to the nightly versions.

why don't you offer the nightly versions on the official github?

it would be nice to have a higher availability source with newer versions.

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the nightly build system bot also signs the resulting builds which cannot be done using github actions, we do have build tests enabled on github actions but currently do not upload the artifacts.

we recently become aware that the hosting company has been ignorant to the decaying state of the hardware the nightlies were placed on and a new machine is in the process of being deployed.
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