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Playstation to USB adapter joystick problems

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I just bought a Playstation to USB adapter from Radioshack, and have a Real Arcade joystick from Pelican that I'd like to use through that, but I'm having a lot of difficulty getting my comp to recognize the joystick (actually, no luck at all).
I can plug in a regular PSX controller, and it's all fine and dandy. Then I plug the joystick in, and it actually works for about thirty seconds before it pudders out on me.

I'd really like to use the joystick, mainly for MAME but also PSEmu.

If anyone has any driver files or fixes, please help me out! Thanks.
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Thanks for everyone's help...

I eventually found another forum, and it turns out that the PSX to USB doesn't work with the Real Arcade stick because it's a universal arcade stick, for GC, Xbox, and PSX. BUT it appears that using an Xbox adapter would work just fine, as the general USB cords don't... do whatever the stupid PSX plug does.

So the solution is to buy another adapter, if anyone was wondering.
Radio Shack's converter sux unless you plan on using only the normal PSX controller or MAYBE the Dualshock 1 or 2; otherwise your best bet is this:

I use it for my Dance Pad and for a Dualshock 1 controller (For playing Stepmania and ePSXe) and it's the best one I've ever used, and I have used Radio Shack's, I've owned 3 incarnations of their version infact :p.
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