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playstation on laptop monitor?

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I was wondering if there is anyway to play a regular playstation console through a laptop monitor along with epsxe or any other kind of software for better graphics...or just play the console by itself through a laptop monitor...what kind of adapters and stuff do i need.. the reason i ask is because my toshiba dvd-rom is not able to read psx games..with any kind of emulator...thanx a lot :)
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Are you sure your DVD canot play PSX game???
I own a toshiba, and it works great with ePSXe!!!

But you can also try to make ISO on your hardrive!!!

Plz post your config so we can help you ;)
or you can make backups of your psx CDs into CDRs
it's legal as long as you own the original.

hopefully your DVD drive can read the CDRs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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